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  • La 1ère édition du Festival du Film Créole© aura lieu à Paris (France) du 10 au 13 juin 2022.
  • La date d’ouverture des inscriptions le 10 novembre 2021.
  • La date limite d’inscription est fixée au 8 avril 2022.

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Call for entries. 2022 Créole Film Festival

Call for entries. 2022 Créole Film Festival


The objectives of The FESTIVAL DU FILM CRÉOLE (FLIM KRÉYO) are toreveal, highlight disseminate and promote Créole films and their general cultural sphere.

The FESTIVAL DU FILM CRÉOLE© (FLIM KRÉYOL) is the only one to showcase a wide and varied selection of Creole creative works and especially focused on Creole people all over the world.
Its screening rooms are open to international cinema including all genres, fiction, documentary animation and experimental cinema from Créole people.
The Festival will prioritise Creole language even if other langages ​​are accepted.
The selection will reflect the cultural, social, economic and political concerns of the Creole people. Retrospective will pay tribute to the pioneers.
The festival seek the encounter and exchange between professionals and the public as a form of cultural enrichment.


The participation is open to all national and international short films produced and realized from January 1st 2018.

Participants can submit 3 films.

I.1. Creole language films

The original language of the film must be Creole.
The film will be subtitled in French or English.

1.1) Registrations from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion Island and Haiti are taken into consideration without any imposed theme.

1.2) Entries from the countries listed below (non-exhaustive list) may be selected on condition that the film is of specific interest for life, culture, tangible and intangible heritage and history or identity Creole:

Australie, Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, Namibie, Guinée Équatoriale (le fa dambo)
Colombie (le palenquero)
Dominique (le Kokoy)
Guinée-Bissau, Cap-Vert (le kriolu)
Hawaï, Suriname (le ndéjuka, le saramaka, le sranan)
Indonésie (le peranakan)
Jamaïque, Barbade (le bajan)
Libéria, Siera Leone (le krio)
Louisiane, Californie du Nord (le gulah)
Malaisie (le tok pisin)
Île Maurice, Seychelles, Nouvelle-Calédonie (le tayo)
Nigeria (le pidgin)
Philippines (le chavacano)
Trinidad, Sainte Lucie, Le Bélise (le kriol)
Vanuatu (le bichelamar)

I.2. Films in languages ​​other than Creole

2.1) Registrations from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion Island and Haiti are taken into consideration without any imposed theme.
2.2) Subtitling in Creole language is desired.
2.3) Entries from other countries and using other languages ​​may be selected on condition that the film is preferably subtitled in French or in English and has a specific interest in life, culture, tangible and intangible heritage and Creole history or identity.

I.3. Special categories

These categories will bring together the following works:

This section collects works with a theme related to rural areas, life in the country, ethnography and tradition, the depopulation of peripheral areas, the relationship between the Créole people and natural ressourcs or the wild area.

This section collects works with a theme related to the relashionship between the paranormal and the Créole people.

c) DLO

This section collects works with a theme related to water & life..


This section collects mobile film (duration from 1 to 2 minutes including credits).


Registration of films of all kinds, including documentaries and video clips, and of any format, is open to individuals without age limit, associations and other legal persons.
The current film is accepted on condition that it is ready for the day of the festival.

a) The registration opening date is September 14, 2021.
b) The registration deadline is April 8, 2022.
c) Registration of the film is done online on https://festivals.festhome.com/ and by downloading all the required material and documents (viewing link, synopsis, director’s biography, poster, photos, broadcast authorization).
d) Participants refrain from offering in any form whatsoever the exploitation of rights or products in violation of the laws and regulations in force or relating to intellectual property and counterfeiting.
The participants are the sole guarantors of the information given.
e) The participant’s registration will only be validated upon receipt of confirmation from the organizer of the Creole Film Festival.
f) The Festival reserves the right to refuse the registration of a film without having to justify it.


Registration for the film is only taken into account after payment of the registration fees via a secure site.
a) The registration fees for short films (duration from 1 to 60 minutes including credits) are 5 € (five euros).
b) The registration fee for feature films (lasting more than 60 minutes) is € 10 (ten euros).
No refund will be made, registration rights remaining acquired even in the event of withdrawal or non-selection.


The selection committee freely determines the choice of films, the sections or categories and the dates and times of screening. His decision is final.

a) Once the selection has been made, the documents and files to be provided will be sent by email (email address provided during registration) to the persons concerned.
b) Participants bear the cost of shipping their media to the Creole Film Festival.
c) The selection is confidential and must not be disclosed before the official announcement by the organizer of the Creole Film Festival.

d) The Festival does not take in charge transport, accommodation and sojourn expenses of the guests related to the presented films.


If the film is selected, participants are required to send us a copy of the film in DCP or high-definition digital format (hard drive, minimum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels) within the time period communicated to them, in order to return possible its dissemination.



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